Sometimes, fresh perspective is exactly what you need to assess and appreciate a situation. Luckily, Eden is here to help! In a scene where everybody knows that guy’s friend who is also a roadie for Between the Buried and Me, who is there to help us with an objective and somewhat aloof perspective? Eden is, that’s who! Let’s cut right to the chase: Abiogenesis is a name that’s been on everyone’s lips for a long time. Specifically, their guitarist, Francesco Filigoi, is a pretty stand-up guy and virtual friends with many people in the scene. More music from this intriguing project has been forthcoming for a long time now and it’s finally here. Naturally, our little subset of the metal internet showed their support and shared this track like crazy.

Guitarist Francesco Filigoi had this to say about the new track:

It took us so long, but hopefully people will understand the amount of work we put in while listening to [“Visualize”]. Trying to blend complex riffs, ultrafast drumming and lots of synth layers has been such a challenge during both the songwriting and the mixing process, but we’re really happy with the outcome.

Let me tell you, the hype was well, well-justified. “Visualize” is an absolute monster of a track, blending the best things that modern, progressive metal has to offer. The names that ought to be conjured in your mind while we speak about this track are Persefone, Gods of Eden and their ilk. Right off the bat, you know what to expect: you have your intricate guitar riffs. You have your jazzy, weird-ass breaks. You have your excellent, complex drumming. But you also have amazing synths scattered above the guitars and serving a fantastic supporting role. More than an afterthought, they add a depth and a flair to the track, creating this neon-blue, sharp sensation which coalesces beautifully with the guitars. Head on over to one minute and thirty seven seconds for a beautiful bridge/solo from the guitars that works amazingly with the synths to get what I’m talking about.

Notice what I’ve left out? That’s right, the vocals. I did that because they’re amazing. Jei Doublerice, who does the vocals on this, is a goddamn revelation. His low growls are powerful, guttural and convincing. His higher pitched screams are used with an expert’s care, added only when needed to break up the headlong charge of the low gutturals. His charisma and presence in the track’s video is powerful and well curated, giving in to none of the usual nonsense that usually accompanies these things. In short, he’s perfect for the role and I can’t wait to hear him utilized on an album soon.

When is that coming? We’re not sure yet but holy shit, I just wrote ~450 words about one track. Honestly, this has suddenly become one of my anticipated bands/releases around (right before Persefone who are releasing an album soon by the way and I can’t wait oh my god). From a name that’s been on the lips of my friends to a name I will now chant fervently before I lay me down to sleep, Abiogenesis are a fast rising entity in the skies of progressive metal. Pay attention lest you snap your neck as they whizz by you on the path to success.


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