While we’re spoiled to consume music in a time of seemingly endless experimentation, I’m still jaded by the idea of a band claiming to have a completely “new” sound. Typically these “genrephobic” bands fall into at least one established genre, and that’s ok; there’s still endless room for excavation within any given style. This is exactly what Aluk Todolo accomplishes with their excellent new offering Voix, a seamless blend of experimental black metal and krautrock (yes, you read that correctly) that succeeds in too many ways to count. Head past the jump to hear what will become your favorite release of this month:

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If you’re unfamiliar with krautrock, it’s one of the most worthwhile genres to spend a lazy Sunday studying and perusing. Bands like CanNeu! and Faust formed in late 1960s Germany to play repetitive, psychedelic jam rock with frequent forays into the avant-garde. As odd as it might sound to pair that with black metal, Aluk Todolo defied my expectations and produced one of my favorite records of the year thus far. Loosely cut into six individual tracks, Voix is truly one, cohesive experiment of  guitars that drone and explode over thunderous bass lines and persistent, erratic percussion. It feels like Hail Spirit Noir spliced with the mood of Have a Nice Life and the atmosphere of Sunn O))‘s riffs and feedback, all channeled through an explosive krautrock pummeling.

There’s no need to pay attention to your surroundings during the journey; there’s plenty to be discovered by sitting back and letting the album unravel on its own while it slowly coils around your psyche. I’m not entirely sure how I never stumbled across these guys before now, but once 2016 comes to a close, they’ll immediately land on my running “Anticipated Release” list. Of course, I’m more than satisfied right now with what Voix has to offer and highly recommend it to everyone willing to make the murky trek across the landscape Aluk Todolo have cultivated.



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