On Tuesday we showed you our big NAMM montage video. On Wednesday we presented you our very special extended interview with Per Nilsson. And now we’ve got three more terrific interviews for you! Watch the guys from A Sense of Gravity interview three artists and bands, each doing amazing things in completely different areas of the metal spectrum. We’ve got guitarist and social media guru Angel Vivaldi, guitarist Felipe Andreoli of veteran Brazilian metal band Angra, and Sam Meador, Brent Vallefuoco, and Matthew Earl of California progressive black metal group Xanthochroid. Check out all the antics here!

Amidst all the wise-cracking and charm offensive from all of these guys, there’s some exciting information and insight from all of them on upcoming projects, albums, and tours, honestly far too much for me to list out here! You’ll just have to take my word for it and watch them!

We’ve got a couple more big surprises in store for you all with these videos, the first of which will come tomorrow from the band who’s been at the center of all of this! In the meantime, get all of our latest videos as soon as they’re posted by subscribing to our Youtube channel!


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