Yesterday we launched our series of videos from NAMM 2016 helmed by A Sense of Gravity. Though our montage video highlighted some of the best moments from the band’s many interviews over that weekend, there was also an absolute wealth of footage that didn’t make it into there, which is why we’ll be releasing full interviews from the event through the rest of the week. The one we’re premiering today, however, is extra special.

Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry fame is known as an indomitable guitarist and all-around amazing musician/producer, but he’s also known for his humor and affable nature, particularly in interviews. We were extraordinarily fortunate to be able to connect with him over his trip to NAMM and set up a lengthy interview between him and the ASOG crew over breakfast at an IHOP. And so we happily present to you: Pancakes With Per!

Per speaks at length on a pretty wide range of topics, from his brand new line of surprisingly affordable signature Strandberg guitars (which he premiered at the event), the latest updates on Scar Symmetry’s current Singularity trilogy series of albums, how he manages taking on so many different kinds of projects at once, his work as a sideman in Kaipa and other groups, how he keeps guest solos interesting and challenging, how his passions for music and food intersect, and, of course, how he prefers his eggs. There’s also a dash of off-the-cuff anti-Trump politicking in there for good measure.

Want more? We’ve got four more videos from NAMM coming your way over the next couple of days that you’re definitely not going to want to miss. Make sure you don’t miss them and other future videos by subscribing to our Youtube channel, and stay tuned for more through the rest of the week!

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  1. Terry

    Love that you interviewed Per, awesome dude, awesome band(s). But seriously, whats up with the hiss in the audio guys? 10 mins in Audition and you should’ve been able to get rid of that.


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