Bloodiest – Bloodiest

Doom metal and post metal have often been genres that bring about mixed feelings. After all, when done well, both become instant favorites, earning a heavy amount of plays and more than justifying the massive amount of storage space they take up on either iPod or computer. However, for those bands that fail to truly explore the style to its maximum potential, the two genres can often drone on, feeling as if they are never going anywhere while also failing to sink their teeth into a more drone/ambient style to maintain interest. As such, it often leads a somewhat lopsided, awkward feeling when a post metal band is heard that sits right on that threshold; providing just enough of a hook to peak interest but continuously failing to bring it around full circle and keep a listener actively engaged. Such is the issue with Bloodiest's newest offering and self titled album, Bloodiest. Despite the occasional hook and interesting riff, it ultimately fails to deliver, making it feel as if it is more of a task and test of commitment to finish than an overall captivating listening experience.