It’s very apparent we are huge fans of prog around here. Almost every writer in some capacity enjoys a good dose of the prog variety, whether it’s instrumental, cinematic, or even just straight prog metal. I think it’s very interesting to hear instrumental prog bands, especially because being instrumental is hard enough, and combining it with prog influences make for a really difficult task. Fortunately, Divine Realm were up to the task, and today we bring you “Inherit The Earth” from their upcoming album Tectum Argenti. Check it out!

This is definitely one of the heavier songs on the record. The super fast blast beats that come in after the intro are fantastic, and the guitars throughout this song are flawless. It really reminds me a lot of a mix of Between The Buried And MeProtest The Hero, and bits and pieces of Animals As Leaders. I couldn’t recommend this record enough if you’re a fan of prog, and even if you’re not, this is a great record to introduce yourself to the genre. The album drops February 23rd, but you can preorder it on their Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook to make sure you keep up with all the band’s news in regards to new music, tours, and everything in between!



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