Yesterday, we told you to listen to White Fire and I sure hope you did. If not, go listen to it right now and then come back here for something completely different from of the minds; the bassist and drummer flip around, with the drummer on bass and the bassist on guitars and vocals. Let me tell you, that bass is massive. The guitars? Chunky as only mountains are. The vocals? Remember when Mastodon still brought the heavy? Yeah, these are the vocals. Head on below right freaking now and start worshipping elder gods with Path of Might.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2101149998 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=3093102616]

What more could you honestly need? “Boar Cult Blues” is everything this EP is: massive guitars inhibit a closed space above insanely large bass, crowned with those vocals that hint towards large things moving beneath an ocean’s surface. If it’s more psychedelia you’re after, go check out “Mountain of Flowers & Fruit”, the first track which brings all the fuzz. But if you’re looking for big, bad and aggressive, “Boar Cult Blues” is where it’s at.

The album goes to even more interesting places further on. “Trespasser” is a trippy hybrid of the first two tracks, while the eleven minute long “Into the Fold” ramps up the stoner metal and utilizes a neat little sample near the end to make the album that much more expansive. As if it needed that; there’s so much going here that it’s impossible to grab it all in one listen. Listen to how the feedback is carefully controlled on the opener track and then how it chimes in again on “Boar Cult Blues”. That right there? That’s controlled expertise within chaos and is one of the rarest skills around.

Unlike White Fire, Path of Might are still very much alive and that’s great because we really, really need more music from these guys. If they can get a proper, full length release their momentum could build and we might be hearing a lot more. We’re determined to make sure that happens because someone needs to fill that leviathan sized hole that Mastodon left behind them and Path of Might might just be what the doctor prescribed.


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