Matching iconic poetry to a sonic backdrop of chaotic mathcore, Ukranian supergroup The Nietzsche conjure the affected and learned hardcore of acts such as The Chariot and Botch on their debut EP Intro To Advanced Poetry. The release offers an inspired reading of texts from Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, and others (not Nietzsche, surprisingly enough) across the twelve-minute EP, and does so without pretense or relying too heavily on the gimmick to get by; the music definitely speaks for itself as technically and progressively minded metal, and the band clearly pride themselves on being bizarre. We’re proud to present this aggressive lecture of sorts, which is available for streaming after the jump.

For those interested in reading along, you can click through the tracklist below:

  1. Mayakovsky II (lyrics)
  2. W.Whitman (lyrics)
  3. Lord Byron (lyrics)
  4. Edgar Allan Poet (lyrics)
  5. Oscar Wild (lyrics)

Intro To Advanced Poetry will see an independent release tomorrow, September 1st, via Bandcamp. Visit the band on Facebook to remain up-to-date.


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