In the grand scheme of things, there are very few bands wherein the drummer could be seen as the focal point of a band. As far as I’m concerned, Jamie Saint Merat of New Zealand post-death metallers Ulcerate is one of the greatest drummers in the genre despite not being as well known as, say, Danny Walker or Blake Richardson. The string portion of Ulcerate is downright menacing and Lovecraftian in overall sense of murky atmosphere and dread (arguably their defining sound), but Merat’s dynamic, technical depth, and intricacy is what makes Ulcerate such an interesting band to listen to.

We’ve been proud hosts of exclusive Ulcerate drum footage in the past, and it’s been known that Merat’s YouTube channel has a plethora of drum footage from various live shows and studio sessions. Most recently, the drummer teased some material that may or may not appear on the band’s forthcoming fifth full-length — their second with Relapse Records — with four minutes of isolated drumming. Allow yourself to be hypnotized via the video below.


While the video does feature 2015 in both the title and video proper, it’s unlikely we’ll get a completed full-length album before the year’s end if the band are just now doing pre-production work. Even if they work relatively fast, December is a relative dead-zone for your typical label release schedule. Expect new Ulcerate early 2016, hopefully with plenty of drum cam footage to tide us over before then.


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