Californian melodeath/power metal band Nekrogoblikon rose to fame with their hilarious music video for “No One Survives” in 2012, but they kind of disappeared from the public eye after that. The band, aware of their situation, decided to write a concept album about themselves titled Heavy Meta. In fact, they’ve decided that they need another viral hit, a new gimmick, and made a song and a video about it. And, well, it’s pretty funny and good.


The video has the band and the Goblin trying to figure out what they can do to go viral again, and they go through several gimmicks, hashtags, genres and generally amusing ideas in a search to grasp to their 15 minutes of fame as their popularity goes down. It’s very self-aware and because of this it’s quite entertaining. The song is good as well! Fans of Nekrogoblikon should enjoy their usual simplified melodeath-with-added-bits sound. There’s a clean chorus, synths, and a lot of other small tinges to make the sound more interesting.

Heavy Meta is out now on Mystery Box / Razor & Tie.



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