(Photo by Matt Warrell)

There are two universal constants we can always depend on: gravity and High on Fire delivering monstrously heavy riffs. Now that the band is just about to release their 7th LP Luminiferous on June 16th and since the band has already released the album’s opening track “The Black Plot,” the band thought it fitting to keep it going with another new song. Want to hear “The Sunless Years?” Head on over the jump and check it out!

Strangely enough, this comes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. This is definitely one of Matt Pike’s most vocally adventurous songs on the new record, as he takes his Lemmy-esque vocal style to previously unexplored territory during the song’s verses. The trippy and delay-heavy leads also help contribute greatly to the psychedelic atmosphere of the song and even harken back to some stuff you may have heard on Sleep’s Dopesmoker.  The recurring line of “he’s been taking the acid” and mentions of things like “black holes and time travel stratospheres” show that High on Fire certainly haven’t lost their stoner edge and are poised to deliver one of their most daring albums to date. If you aren’t hyped on Luminiferous yet, you better be now.



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