The Sword – High Country

The Sword are everyone's favorite stoner band. Their laid-back style of metal has been one that has captivated and overtaken many, and their last two albums have proved this. The band were relatively active fol... Read More...
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The Sword – Apocryphon

Metal has evolved greatly over the past 40-something years. However, many of us tend to forget that metal originated from the blues. It was this genre that influenced the first few metal bands, and if you listen to their work, you can clearly hear the influence. Sometimes we also forget how well metal can groove, how well it can get in the pocket. These elements of groove were continued with sludge and stoner bands, and continue to this day. While many of us overindulge in prog, djent, tech, and death metal, we often forget to go back to our roots, to revisit the true origins of metal, and to just relax and enjoy the old stuff. However, there are very few bands that can take this select brand of metal and make it sound unique. Mastodon, Sleep, and Kyuss are all examples of bands that do it very well. However, one band that continues to do it well, and have perfected their formula to deliver their best record yet, is The Sword.