When MYRKUR first appeared on the scene, many an eyebrow was raised. Who was this enigmatic figure? Did it meet the standards for authenticity that are replete throughout the musical word and metal especially? Once the first notes blazed from this new trumpet, all doubts were swept aside: this was something real and something really good.

However, that release was oh-so-short. We needed more. Happily, a new, full length release is on the way, produced by none other than the legendary Garm of Ulver fame. So, what can we expect from this release? What is the true nature of this phenomena that we are dealing with? Partial answers have now been given in the form of “Hævnen”, the first track off this highly anticipated release. Head on over the jump to hear it for yourself.


I don’t think I can be accused of hyperbole when I say that this is a mission statement. Myrkur’s voice, beautifully rendered by Garm, is saying one thing very clearly: I am my own musician but I am also well versed in this scene’s tropes. From the tell-tale backing vocals during the first minute of the track, to the eventual vocal cataclysm which follows and all the way down to the rough bass in the background, this is an excellent track, through and through.

All that’s left now is to expect more from what is shaping up to be an amazing release. When it’s finally released, I suppose we’ll have a lot of our answers. Is Myrkur a fad or a new, original voice to be reckoned with? This track at least certainly point to the latter and let the scene rejoice.


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