In the middle of last week, we had a new track from Thy Art Is Murder. On that Friday, we had a new track from Ghost. And today, we get the first new track in six years from quintessential 2nd-wave black metal band, Gorgoroth. The last thing we saw from them was the lackluster re-release of their 1997 opus, Under The Sign Of Hell, so really, this new album, Instinctus Beastialis, is going to be considered by many to be the first release for quite some time.

Fair warning to all Gorgoroth fans: this track is quite a departure from the fury of their previous sound in a lot of ways, so if you just wanted more of that, you’re S.O.L., but if you’re open to something new, this is a solid track. Good news for all of those who didn’t like Gorgoroth before: this track is quite a departure from what they’re known for, so you might really like it!

[via Terrorizer]

After going back and listening to a few choice tracks from the original Under The Sign Of Hell, it’s interesting to note how much they’ve progressed as a band since then. Before, a total thrashing chaos reigned, whereas here, almost 20 years later, they’ve pulled back on the throttle a little bit without losing any of their edge. The atmosphere and clever riffing that makes up this track speaks volumes about the progression of the band over that time.

Looking at bands that have been in scenes for quite some time, such as Opeth and Enslaved, it’s easy to see that most bands change drastically over long careers, for better or worse. However, here, Gorgoroth sounds relatively close to their older sound. It’ll be interesting to see how this album plays out compared to the rest of their discography.

Instinctus Beastialis comes out on June 8th via Soulseller Records. You can pre-order it here.


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