Black metal has no shortage of one-man bands, but finding a woman in black metal — especially going it solo — can be a task. Relapse Records managed to discover one such act out of Denmark going by the name of Myrkur. The promo materials released so far tout the act as being for fans of Deafheaven, Alcest, and Ulver — tell-tale signs that Myrkur’s breed of black metal will be plenty ethereal and atmospheric, if not slightly experimental. The first bit of music from Myrkur’s self-titled Relapse debut comes in the form of the single ‘Nattens Barn,‘ which can be heard below.


Indeed, the comparisons to the post-black metal niche is apt, as ‘Nattens Barn’ is rife with a naturalistic elegance and colorful swathes of melody. The feminine touch is also quite apparent and welcome, with a beautiful choir performance opening the track. This EP is sure to be a surprising standout release from this year for sure.

Myrkur is due out September 16th via Relapse Records. Pre-orders (including a beautiful limited colored LP) are available now at this location.

– JR

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