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This year, we were introduced to a post-black metal rising star in Myrkur, a one-woman project featuring Amalie Bruun of New York indie pop duo Ex-Cops. The debut self-titled EP was critically well received, albeit slightly controversial; there are those (read: idiots) who accuse Relapse and Bruun of capitalizing on an in-vogue genre or that somehow the work of Myrkur is invalidated because of Bruun’s gender and experience in pop music. Fortunately, that’s not stopping the project from moving forward to a full-length album, which has picked up a bit of “star power” as far as black metal is concerned.

According to Brooklyn Vegan, the Bruun is currently in Oslo, recording the album with producer Kristoffer Rygg of Ulver. Eschewing the mechanical drum programming of the EP, Øyvind Myrvoll of Nidingr and Dodheimsgard will be tracking drums. Further, guitars are being contributed by Teloch of Mayhem.

A demo version of a new track titled ‘Skaði‘ has been made available below:


Expect big things from Myrkur from 2015, including a first-ever live performance at Roskilde Festival.

– JR

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