I absolutely love Pyrrhon. Mother Of Virtues was my stand out album of the year at final count and the fact that they are putting out more music so soon is the bee’s knees. We’ve already heard one track from Growth Without End and it’s a face melter. No surprise but “The Mass” is also capable of rendering skin to soup and bone to dust. Hurry up over the jump to check it out, via No Clean Singing. Why haven’t you done this already?

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/205365958″]

The second track to be released from their post Relapse EP contains all of the trademark Pyrrhon elements that make them so unique in a world filled with grindalikes. The lurching, dissonant guitars and free form percussion make a mockery of time signatures and song structures. Vocalist Doug Moore barks a mighty lament about living with a mental health disorder in a way that could only work in tandem with the demented musings of his band. Their style is matched only by the final quality of their product; a product that is inherently cathartic given the proper attention.

Preorder your copy of Growth Without End now to avoid disappointment. As much as I love Relapse, I can’t fathom why they would let such a hot property go. Thoughts, as always, are welcome below.

Watch Pyrrhon perform “Invisible Injury” live.




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