South Africa and brutal death metal don’t normally fit together in the same sentence but one young band is about to change that forever. Vulvodynia (don’t look up the meaning of the word, for serious) play some of the sickest, most technical slam you haven’t heard yet. Taking their instructions from no one, these youngsters play a hybrid of the spacey noodlings of Wormed and the flat out brutality of genre heavyweights Devourment and Disgorge. All of this is wrapped up by an extensive list of guest musicians and vocalists who have already lent their talents to these crazy chaps.


Breakdowns, blasts, brees and bona fide chops. All of these are finely tuned instruments of destruction that Vulvodynia wield far too proficiently for humans of their age. If you need to break something then there is no better soundtrack to pick. “New World Order” is as technically majestic as it is crushing; also the first track to be released from an as yet untitled concept album due later this year. What’s even more impressive is that they already released a full length last year! Cognizant Castigation features guest vocals from Luke Griffin (Acrania) and Jay Evans (Ingested) among others, just to give you an idea of the pedigree of acts that are chomping to associate themselves with this lot. Check the album out below. It’s even available in an instrumental version for you softies who don’t appreciate a good bellowing bree. Borders and oceans can’t keep truly brutal metal from spreading like the wonderful plague that it is.

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