Native Construct

Ok, seriously. At this point, if you’re not hyped for Native Construct, you’re doing it wrong. We already posted about their playthrough video, and we’ve been hyped for their stuff since 2012. They’re progressive metal geniuses from Berklee, and their upcoming album Quiet World is a delightful blend of Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater, Queen and more – this new song has some The Human Abstract-type neoclassical stuff as well. So, check out ‘Come Hell Or High Water’ right now!

This song is great. It starts off as a bit more midtempo, classical-influenced prog rock, almost movie-score-like piece, but then goes full on metal with counterpoints, the band’s signature rhythmic craziness and really creative instrumentals. You probably can’t tell from what we’ve heard so far, but the themes, both musically and lyrically tie in to the rest of the songs in the album to create an overarching musical journey that’s a delight to listen to. Quiet World releases on Metal Blade Records on the 21st, and you can pre-order it right now on iTunes to get the two songs that have been released so far, and physical copies along with a third track can be found here. Our review will be up next week hopefully, so look out for that as well. This album is definitely something!



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