It’s been just a few weeks since we last wrote about Black Sabbath and how they’d be playing their farewell show in Tokyo later this year but we may have spoken too soon. Instead, it was revealed that Ozzfest Japan would be headlined by Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band. This has clearly come as a big shock to a lot of fans and have left a lot of questions to be answered. Did the band cancel because of guitarist Tony Iommi’s health? Is there going to be a rescheduled farewell show? Is Black Sabbath even breaking up now? Head over the jump to find out more.

There have been plenty of speculations about the farewell show being due to Iommi’s ongoing battle with cancer, but the rifflord wanted to assure everyone that he is still positive about his condition.

Thank you for all the enquiries about my health, very kind. I’m not sure how the rumour of my being unwell started as I was away on holiday! Once you’ve had something like lymphoma the fear that it will return never leaves, all I can say is that right now I’m fine and have regular blood tests

Iommi posted on his official Facebook page yesterday.

Ozzy has also cancelled several performances in recent memory due to health issues, which isn’t exactly surprising when you consider both the man’s age and track record with drugs and alcohol. Several dates in Central and South America were nixed after The Ozzman left for an undisclosed surgery and needed weeks to recover. His past performances with “Ozzy and Friends” have featured Zakk Wylde, Geezer Butler and Slash though, so fans in Tokyo should still expect one hell of a show this November.

There still seems to be a lot up in the air about the progenitors of heavy metal right now. While they may have just cancelled their “last” gig, they still said they’d be working on one final album. If any news comes up regarding that, you know where to find us!

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