In this post, I will be covering two bands.  First off is Systematic Collapse, based out of New York:


I’m going to cut to the chase: it’s bands like Systematic Collapse that make me excited for the next generation of deathcore.  The song above is an absolute monster of a piece.  I’m not sure which bands I can pinpoint as the most direct influences, but the ones that I hear most are Veil of Maya, Wretched, and more recent Job For a Cowboy.  The thing that shocks me most about the band is that they’ve been a band for only close to a year. They sound very mature, sounding like they’ve been a band for at least five years.  I cannot wait to hear more from this very talented group.

I would also like to talk about another group.  Systematic Collapse’s drummer, Anthony Barone, is also in a band called Native Construct, who have released one song, entitled ‘Chromatic Aberration‘, which you can hear below:


I mean, how awesome is that? What I hear in Native Construct is a more symphonic, djenty Dream Theater, which can get you relatively close to the sound.  They have a metric ton of influences, but yet they weave them into something I’ve not heard in quite some time.  It also proves that Anthony Barone is an absolute monster of a drummer, which makes sense, given that he’s currently studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Keep your eyes peeled on these two bands, who are both very young and very talented.  I have no doubt that they will grow to huge heights given the opportunity.

– GR


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