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New Year. New Harm’s Way. What a great first post of 2015 for yours truly. The Chicago hardcore unit will be releasing a full length, the functionally titled Rust, through the ever present and always lauded Deathwish Inc. You didn’t think this year was going to be any less aggressive did you? Get more info after the jump.

Blinded and Isolation are two releases that embody what is so addictive about modern hardcore and from what has been teased at through their initial announcement post, the new material on Rust should be a harsher and more visceral experience of Harm’s Way than ever before. Referencing Godflesh and Celtic Frost in promotional material for a primarily hardcore band raises an eyebrow but the album has come through both GodCity and Audiosiege so colour me intrigued. If you just can’t wait for more, check out the track list below to keep yourself at bay.

01. Infestation
02. Law Of The Land
03. Cremation
04. Hope
05. Cancerous Ways
06. Amongst The Rust
07. Disintegrate
08. Docile Bodies
09. Turn To Stone
10. Ease My Mind

Rust will be released on March 10 with the usual preorders incoming, apparently to coincide with the first release of material. Come catch the band with me at Temples and the first Deathwish Fest in Europe. If you need more convincing I’d check the below video just to see what you might be missing. The rage is strong with this one.




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