It may be the biggest story in heavy music so far this year. Three members of the legendary band Animosity are forming a new project together. Details after the jump.

It’s been just a little more than five years since Animosity broke up. One of the most influential bands in the history of tech death raged from 2000-2009, with guitarist Frank Costa on board the whole way. Drummer Navene Koperweis joined in 2003 and bassist Evan Brewer in 2006. Since then Navene made a mark with Animals as Leaders while Brewer was famously in The Faceless as well as his own critically acclaimed self-named solo projects.

Now on the first weekend of 2015, Frank, Navene and Evan are back together as Entheos. The band says make no mistake, this is not an Animosity reunion but rather “a completely new band with new material.”

“It’s definitely got some Animosity influence because the two people who wrote all of the music [for Animosity] are writing the music for Entheos,” Navene tells Heavy Blog is Heavy. “We think it is more polished and slicker than Animosity was. We also intend to showcase Evan in a way he never was with Animosity. The music is fast, heavy and each song is like a mini ‘journey’.”

Entheos says the band is intended as a full-time touring project with a first EP in March.

The new addition to the line-up is Chaney Crabb who created a stir last year with her very public audition tape for the Veil of Maya vocalist opening.

“I’m always driven by the world around me, and that remains my focus lyrically for Entheos,” Chaney sayd. “I’m very passionate about writing and love being able to explore that in lyrics.”

Entheos posted a short video of a demo off that EP on the band’s

“We will be periodically posting videos of our upcoming guitar, drum, bass & vocal sessions as well as a lot of exciting news, including an official EP title and release date!”

So even if it’s not an Animosity reunion, this is something for fans of technical music to look forward to in the year ahead.

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