With three stages full of furious riffing, the UK’s Temples Festival has shaped up to be one of the most thirsted after performances of 2015. Featuring the likes of Pig Destroyer, Converge, NAILS, Trap Them, and Bongzilla, it seem the final lineup for just the first day looks insane.

The statement from the coordinators below.

Patrons of Temples Festival,

As you may have now seen, the first Day Split of Temples 2015 has been announced, featuring the likes of CONVERGE, NAILS, TRAP THEM, PIG DESTROYER, TODAY IS THE DAY, BONGZILLA, WEEDEATER and more, all in the space of a day…….

In addition to the first Day Split announcement, please welcome five of the UK’s finest underground acts to the line-up;

THROATS (reunion)

Day Tickets are now available priced £38.50, following the inevitable surge of December sales Weekend Tickets are in short supply and for the time being available from the following outlets;


Our next announcement will be the full day line-up for Saturday May 30th, which features the earth shattering SUNN0))), joined by an unwaveringly heavy selection of artists from varying genres of the underground music spectrum.

As ever, we’re expecting you…….

– Temples HQ

Let us know if you’re going to Temples Festival next year! It’s shaping up to be something great.


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