We’ve been talking quite a lot about Outrun the Sunlight and with good reason; their first single is amazing, they’ve recently added Adrian Perez to their ranks and we just can’t wait for their album to be released. Happily then, the band have announced a release date for said album, Terrapin, on 12/16. Not only that, but they have launched an Indiegogo to help you not only pre-order the album but assist in its making as well. Head on over the jump for more details!

Check out their campaign here. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’ve heard this album and it’s fantastic. In fact, I’ve listened to it four times in the last 24 hours since I received it and it’s broken through into end of the year, top 25 list. It has this insanely smooth mix between post rock a la sleepmakeswaves, Periphery and jazzy goodness. You’re going to want to get in on this at the ground floor and it’s a great cause. Put your money where your mouth is; this is good music so let’s show it some support! In case you need a memory jog, check out ‘Spirit’ below.




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