The current juncture between progressive sounds and metal is a joy to the ears. Numerous bands, like The Contortionist, to name one of the more high exposure shifts of the last few years, have been exploring softer, more harmony oriented sounds in conjuncture with their metal. Yesterday, Outrun the Sunlight added on more iteration to this delightful trend by released a single off their upcoming release, Terrapin. That single is ‘Spirit’, and you can listen to it in full right below.


The comparison to The Contortionist becomes apparent right off the bat. But pay attention to what happens at around the two minutes and a half mark. A more djenty, upbeat riff is introduced and is mirrored by dreamy, translucent piano. These two sounds build up and unfold into the moving close of the track, marked by an inspired guitar line that turns into a heavier riff. My bet is this track unfolds into something a bit faster and heavier on the album, as its ending hints at a return to power. However, I could very well be wrong as this band is no easy mark to read.

Stay tuned for the full release soon, which should be coming sometime this fall. You can head over to the band’s bandcamp to download this single and await the release.


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