Hirsch Effekt – Kollaps

“FFO”. Those three letters that can almost derail a band before a single note is heard. I try to use that acronym sparingly but I am certainly one of the worst offenders when trying to break down a band’s soun... Read More...

179 – Good Vibes Forest Stuff

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Yes, I censored the title. Deal with it. This week, we talk about Cynic, the artist formerly known as Haarp Machine, Ten Second Songs doing Slipknot, Thrawsunblat, Babymetal, Machine Head, Cattle Decapitation, Insomnium, Oxxo Xoox, Periphery, and Covet. Then, cool people time with Gemini Man, Destiny 2, and The Gurkha and The Lord of Tuesday. Enjoy!