We here at Heavy Blog Is Heavy have done our damned best at keeping you in the loop regarding Black Crown Initiate and their much anticipated eOne record The Wreckage Of Stars. My maestro of a colleague in Noyan was even kind enough to share his pretty thoughts and words with you in his review it last month. Now you can ignore whatever we have said previously and make up your own damn mind regarding this (incredible) metal release. Full stream after the jump folks!

The oh so kind folk at Metal Hammer have entitled us all to stream the sonic musings of this immensely talented band. The Wreckage Of Stars is a standout album in a genre that has been densely populated with great releases from the likes of Inanimate Existence, Fallujah and the yet to be released prog-death Job For A Cowboy album (we are still getting our heads round that one, you are not alone!). 2014 has seen the rise and rise of progressive and technical death metal and it is yet to plateau. Let us know what you think of the album in the comments below, contrary to popular belief metal bloggers do actually enjoy a good discussion!



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