job for a cowboy sun eater

When I first heard the initial single from Job For A Cowboy‘s upcoming album Sun Eater, I was, quite simply put, blown away. I mean, I’ve always mildly enjoyed their stuff, but suddenly they put out a really nuanced progressive death metal song that’s comparable to the top tier material in that genre? That’s got to be an accident, right? Well, they’ve released a second single, and it’s clear that there is no accident. They’re actually making an amazing progressive death metal album. Check out the stream right after the jump!

The song is available courtesy of Metalsucks right here. Seriously. Click that link.

What can I say? The riffing is cool, the bass is very audible and doing interesting things, the song has a great pace, and the vocals are varied and the solo is great and that outro is incredible… everything is just amazing! Now I’m really excited for Sun Eater. By the way, the album will be out on the 11th of November on Metal Blade Records, so go preorder it here or something.



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