Explosive, intense, overwhelming, powerful. These are all words one could use to describe Black Crown Initiate‘s career up until now. Their debut EP, Song of the Crippled Bull, sky-rocketed their name to the top of numerous end of year lists and created an amazing buzz around their upcoming full release, The Wreckage of Stars. And now, a first track from said release can be heard. And it’s amazing. Check it out after the jump.

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Wow. Simply wow. Where does one begin? The harsh vocals on this are only made better by the clean parts, the balance reminding one of early Mastodon. The guitar work is simply astounding, with some of the best riffs I’ve heard in the last year or the one before that. Nor does the track rest on its own laurels; it’s constantly reinventing its main theme and building on previous sounds. If the rest of the album, due to see release on September 30th, is anything like the level presented here, then we’re facing a possible game changer. Stay tuned as we near release and in the meantime, jam this as much as you can. I know I will.


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