destrage are you kidding me

Italian progressive metal outfit Destrage have had a stellar (if extremely busy) 2014 so far, having released the highly acclaimed Are You Kidding Me? No. back in March and then following that up with some absolutely relentless European touring. Surprisingly, however, it turns out in between everything the band has been up to, they’ve still found time to start work on an upcoming tab book for the new record with Sheet Happens Publishing! More after the jump.

This whole thing seems to have started after I found myself exhausted from endless hours spent hunched over my seven string working out the monstrous drop A tech-fest that is ‘Hosts, Rifles, & Coke’. I realized this was going to take forever and a half and I still wouldn’t have it completely down pat. A quick post on Destrage’s Facebook page led to this:

destrage are you kidding me_cap

A month or so later a quick tweet quietly surfaced from Sheet Happens Publishing:


No more details have been released about the project since as far as I’m aware, but seems there’s a tab book on the way after all! Considering the album’s sheer density and incredible songwriting it’d likely be a while before this drops, but in any event it will definitely be worth the wait.

If, for some reason, you’ve yet to completely understand my excitement for this, be sure to check out our review for Are You Kidding Me? No. for some insight!

In the meantime, Destrage are set to spend the last two months of the year embarking on a European tour with Protest the HeroThe Faceless, and The Contortionist – tour dates can be found on their Facebook page.


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