Prog aficionados, HAKEN, have just released their single Crystallised from their upcoming album, Restoration.  The single was released in conjunction with a new contest.  If you want to participate all you need to do is enter you email address and answer two questions about Mike Portnoy’s guest appearance on the track.  HAKEN says that he winner will receive, “a signed vinyl of ‘Restoration’, a T-Shirt, a poster and maybe some other stuff too; perhaps even a tangerine, or a hot dog… or somethin’ else… we’re not too sure yet.”  The contest closes on Thursday, October 23rd at 9pm GMT so act quickly!

Crystallised is exactly what we have come to expect from HAKEN with its a capella vocal break, ripping guitar solos, epic vocal build-ups, appropriate use of 8-string guitars, and complex song structure.  This track clocks in at a whopping 19:22…not too shabby for a single.  Although the song is very long, which is common for this genre/HAKEN in general, it does not get stale.  There are plenty of dynamics and the song is broken down into four main sections, all of which have their own character.  If you want to listen to some top notch prog rock/metal, go ahead and take a listen to Crystallised.

Both the contest and the single can be found on HAKEN’s website.




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