You freaking read that right! Despised Icon have been promising North American dates for their reunion shows ever since they announced their European dates and now those promised days have come. Do I really need to explain why this is a big deal? Despised Icon are one of the most important bands in the history of death-core and this lucky editor got to see them at Brutal Assault 2010. Let me tell you, that show was insane. But we’re not done yet, kids, as the title suggests. Head on over the jump for the second part of this mind blowing announcement.


Yes, you’re reading this right. The Worcester date will include none other than The Red Chord in support. The long dismantled band has recently made some noise by announcing a Japanese show but this is the real deal right here: a full blown, North America date. Can it be that either of this band will actually reunite after this show? While Despised Icon have said that these dates will be their final shows ever, stranger things have happened. Even if one of them does get back together, we’d be delighted. Imagine if both of them do.



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