The Red Chord confused a lot of genre-purists in the mid and early 2000’s with their crushing mix of death metal, deathcore and all of their subtle variations — so many of the po-faced descriptor-warriors were unsure of whether it was ‘OK’ to enjoy them alongside the more traditional acts.

Simple fact is, The Red Chord were fucking great. So it was a shame to see them slowly  lull into nothingness following the release of 2009’s Fed Through The Teeth Machine. Although the band clarified that they were, contrary to the status on their Wikipedia page, ‘not on hiatus’ and were just ‘taking forever to write a new record’, it was fair to assume the possibility of hearing from them again diminished year by year (saying that, the Stomach Earth album was amazing though).

However, the beast has now stirred, with the announcement that the band will be appearing at Pump Up The Volume Fest in Japan on the 8th of November.

Naturally their Facebook page has blown the fuck up with people contemplating whether this is the full return of the band or simply a one-off. But I’m gonna engage the hype-cannons and say that, between this, Faith No More and PsyOpus, 2014 is full of surprises. Here’s to hoping.


– DL

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