greghamptontitleWe say it all the time, the Scrobbler doesn’t lie. So what will we find Greg Hampton of up and coming Tech Death band The Zenith Passage is (really) listening to after the jump?

When I posted last week’s “What They’re (Really) Listening To” feature to Riley McShane’s Facebook, Greg Hampton of The Zenith Passage commented, “If you did one of these for me I’d lose so many friends.”

So of course we promptly hooked Greg up to the Scrobbler and here’s what came out.


Greg’s list-

1. The first full-length from British “Brutal Deathcore” band Acrania.
2. The new record from In Flames
3. The soundtrack to John Carpenter‘s 1980 film “The Fog.”
4. More brand new music from He is Legend.
5. Language from The Contortionist.
6. Circa Survive vocalist Anthony Green‘s second studio album.
7. Melodic hardcore band It Prevails
8. The new Volumes record.
9. And a bit of an eye-raiser with Resistence from Winds of Plague.

Still not much that would cause massive unfriending it seems to me.

The Zenith Passage will be leaving in a couple of weeks on a limited West Coast run with Fallujah and Archspire.

As always we want to see what you’re (Really) listening to so send your 3×3’s to us on Facebook, tag #HeavyBlogIsHeavy on Instagram or Twitter, or use smoke signals.



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