It has been a little while since Dave Brockie, GWAR‘s legendary Oderus Urungus, left this plane of existence. In fact, he likely had one of the most amazing send-offs anyone could ask for. But musicians need to move forward.

Enter Vulvatron, an unlikely addition to the lineup.

GWAR is no stranger to having women be part of the group’s stage performance, often having them hack of monstrous penises and spit fire above the crowd. For the first time ever, however, a lady will be taking a hold of the mic and performing GWAR’s music for the masses, and will include such lovable antics as massive, prosthetic breasts that spew geysers of blood into hapless people’s faces. All hail Blood Boobies.

GWAR is yet to announce a permanent replacement for Oderus, but if Vulvatron’s appearance is any indication, we’re in for a treat.



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