UPDATE: Mobile Death Camp, the GWAR side project, has left a message for Brockie to Rest in Peace. Seals it. He’s gone.

And managerial types don’t release statements about untrue rumors.

Rest in peace, Dave Brockie.

ORIGINAL: It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you that it is indeed true that Dave Brockie, the ever-so-special frontman for GWAR has passed on.

Steve Douglas, a producer, has spoken with mutual friends of Brockie and confirmed the worst—that Brockie has indeed passed. The band’s management will be issuing a statement later today confirming all this to fans.

In addition, it could be said that Brockie’s Twitter is proof enough. The guy was on there constantly and to not hear from him in over 24 hours is basically an alarm.

Brockie’s Wikipedia page has been updated to reflect that he was indeed found dead yesterday evening.



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