Blood Mantra
I’ve been jamming the new Decapitated album, Blood Mantra, for several weeks now, and spoiler alert: it rules, freaking hard. The polish death metal connoisseurs released the first taste of the Blood Mantra over a month ago, and now the band has released the absolutely ripping title track for your listening pleasure. Listen after the jump.


First off, this song grooves like no other. This is actually my favorite song off of Blood Mantra, mainly because of that main riff. I mean, seriously, that riff is deadly. Vogg has written some of my favorite riffs of all time, and “Blood Mantra” contains probably the best riff I’ve heard all year.

Now, there will be plenty of naysayers who won’t like this song because of the focus on groove and the significant lack of blast beats, but I firmly believe this is Decapitated at their best. Vogg has always had an impeccable sense of groove that has only developed with time, and trust me when I say that Blood Mantra contains some of his best compositions to date.

Blood Mantra comes out Sept. 30 via Nuclear Blast. If you’ve yet to pre-order it, do so here, and keep an eye out for my review coming within the next week.

– AL

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