At this point, Blake Judd of Nachtmystium‘s soured reputation has been so well-enough documented that you’d be hard pressed to find a metal enthusiast online who hasn’t been made aware of the situation. However, if you’re still in need of a detailed account of how recent events and the case against Judd transpired, former Nachtmystium and Twilight bandmate and long time friend Neill Jameson (also of Krieg) has provided Noisey with a fascinating and depressing telling of how Judd squandered his potential (and his musical career) through his heroin addiction and self-centered personality.

Without giving too much away, the crux of the entire article (which is an absolute must-read) is as follows:

For the last decade or so Blake Judd’s black metal project Nachtmystium was at the forefront of success in terms of US metal. Each record seemed to outpace the previous, and Blake was a critical and commercial darling with the whole “tortured genius” persona at his disposal. When Nachtmystium’s last album, Silencing Machine, hit Billboard, he received better and better offers for tours, recording, merchandise, etc. He held court over an enormous and rabid fanbase. The cliff notes version: Blake held the world by the balls and was poised to do incredible things. Instead, he pissed it all away because of a crippling drug problem—and years of solipsism way before he ever even held a needle. 


Do yourself a favor and read the entire article detailing Judd’s battle with addiction and untrustworthy business tactics over at Noisey.

– JR


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