Nachtmystium are a prime example for me when it comes to the argument that you can still enjoy a band despite your disapproval (or hatred) of the actions of the band’s members. Black metal in general is teeming with this sort of thought; the genre’s checkered history at large contains murder, bigotry, arson, drug use — the list goes on. You’ll often hear from Burzum fans how they hate Varg but can’t help but enjoy his music. It just makes sense to me.

While I greatly appreciate Nachtmystium, I never thought highly of Blake Judd to begin with. He has a history of drug abuse, and is quite open about it. I’m not even straight edge, mind you — I’m quite alright with many psychedelics, marijuana, and alcohol. It’s just tricky morally justify supporting a band when you’re afraid your money is going to fund a devastating hard drug habit. It’s not like that’s ever stopped me before though; I have two Nachtmystium records proudly sitting on my shelf at home.

The justification for supporting Blake Judd/Nachtmystium is getting thinner, though. Via Blabbermouth:

“[Judd] has been arrested on charges of theft by unauthorized control of property not exceeding $500 in value. He was booked on Saturday, October 5 and his bail has been set at $25,000. His next court date is scheduled for Friday, October 11.”

Ouch. Not a lot of details regarding the theft, but it’s still not good news.

I’m actually still looking forward to hearing the new Nachtmystium record, which is supposedly due out next year. Hopefully Judd and co. can stay out of trouble enough to get it done.

– JR


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