In case you missed it, one of our big stories this week was about a poor guy in Kentucky who spent more than a week in jail for posting lyrics from one of his favorite Exodus songs to his Facebook wall. Get your own free speech moment after the jump.

The story in question involved a song about school shootings but it got me to thinking, there have to be a shit ton of metal lyrics more likely to get you thrown in the slammer than something from an old thrash band.

So of course I turned to my sick and twisted metal friends and here were some of their suggestions. And in case anyone is too fucking stupid to get it, neither my friends nor the staff at Heavy Blog endorses these kinds of behaviors in real life but they do make for great fucking metal.

Cannibal Corpse – Necropedophile

I was once a man before I transformed
into this molester, freshly deceased children
You have born, torn by my rape
The dead are not safe, the lifeless child corpse
I will violate
Pleasure from the dead, complete satisfaction
I open the coffin
Sick thoughts run through my head as I stare
At the dead, over and over.

Crytopsy – Phobophile

Fright mounts with the body count
To which anthropomancy predicts a decline
In all of God’s creation,
Can there be a lifestyle that’s better than this?

I mark my territory
With their blood and excritement
And adipocere…
I can find my way in the dark;
My fulfilment is habitually necromanic
And anal abusive..
Seen through the eyes of a mortician

Severed Savior – Fecalphiliac

As I shit upon your face
Can’t resist the taste
You will die and so will you, because you ate my poo
Shit addiction drives me to kill
Morbid temptations are revealed
Fecal mess upon your chest
Lovely stench the bitch is blessed
As I shit upon your face
Can’t resist the taste
Shove my feces down your throat
Using your skull for my urinal

The Black Dahlia Murder – The Window
I sodomize the young and dying,
This sick hunger is my vice.
my lust To drip my rotten seed upon their cooling flesh so fare,
Of their gurgled screams I could never hear enough.

That’s the idea. We’re sure you have plenty more where those come from. So feel free to post them in comments and we promise we won’t call the cops on you.


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