Benighted – Obscene Repressed

Some music just sounds flat out disgusting. It would be difficult to describe the sounds vomited by bands like Devourment, Aborted, Cryptopsy, and a slew of other more brutally oriented artists as anything less. It’s the kind of music that causes me to occasionally sit back and wonder what, exactly,…

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Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas

Cattle Decapitation’s transformation from novelty goregrind act into one of the premier progressive/technical death metal bands of the modern era has been one of the most surprising and rewarding events in modern extreme metal. Now (at least) three records into a career-defining hot streak that’s rivaled by few if any…

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Electrocution – Psychonolatry

Some things just get better with age. Wine, whiskey, cheese, and my dad’s jokes all receive a qualitative helping hand by good ol’ father time’s unending march toward oblivion. Yes, it’s a tired maxim, but like the best of them it’s based in a fairly hefty dose of truth. At…

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139 – Dr. Phil And The Hyper-Real

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast!

This week we have a bunch of weird shit. Dr. Phil performing with Good Charlotte, Betraying the Martyrs covering Avenged Sevenfold, and then some normal news. Like new music from Black Queen, Psycroptic, Cryptopsy, Irreversible Mechanism and Arsis. Also, a feel-good story about The Ghost Inside. Then we do a cool people section on Ozark, Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) and Destiny 2. Enjoy!

Heavy Blog’s Top 25 Albums of 2018 (So Far)

Midpoint. Half in, half out. Shadow. A divide. Balance. The semantic milieu surrounding stuff that’s divided 50/50 is incredibly rich; it opens some of the greatest cultural creations of all time (“Midway upon the journey of our life / I found myself within a forest dark” – Dante’s The Inferno) and…

Monotheist – Scourge

There are a few geographic locations that are intrinsically tied to the music they helped spawn and cultivate. Norway for black metal in the nineties. San Francisco for thrash in the eighties. The State of Florida for old school and progressive death metal. While the extent of the influence of…