Haste the day

Hot on the heels of announcing they were reforming, Haste The Day kicked off one of the latest in a slew of successful crowdfunding campaigns. Even with a hefty $65,000 goal, the campaign took only 8 days to meet it’s target, and the support is still coming in. They now have some stretch goals set up, but the rewards seem somewhat lacking, other than the possibility of a documentary, which would be cool. Despite a varying level of quality throughout their 5-disc discography, it’s no surprise that there are many fans out there willing to support the notion of these guys getting back together after they’ve been inactive since their farewell tour back in 2011. Now fans will be getting what they want though, with a new album set to come out next year.

2010’s Attack of the Wolf King can easily be considered to be the group’s best effort, with the material venturing into more technical and progressive territory than what had been explored prior. The album got a solid score from us, and also ended up on my year-end list back then as well. We can hope that the new album will continue in a similar direction, but at the same time we have reason to doubt that will be the case due to a different current lineup.

Only time will tell, but in the meantime you can still contribute to the ongoing campaign if you choose to, and have a listen to this track from Attack of the Wolf King:




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