Haste The Day

Attack of the Wolf King

01. Wake Up the Sun
02. Dog Like Vultures
03. The Quiet, Deadly Ticking
04. Travesty
05. Merit for Sadness
06. The Un-Manifest
07. The Place Where Most Deny
08. White as Snow
09. Crush Resistance
10. Walk With a Crooked Spine
11. My Name Is Darkness

Metalcore. It’s still around, and apparently it’s going strong. Who knew? If you’re like me, you’ve held on to maybe, what, one or two of those metalcore bands that got established a few years back? There’s only so many ways you can write a metalcore tune and keep things fresh and interesting, and only a few bands seem to keep momentum and stay afloat in a sea of imitators and soundalikes. Haste The Day are one of the bands that managed to hold on and put out some pretty solid releases, and their new album Attack Of The Wolf King doesn’t fall flat.

Attack of the Wolf King doesn’t break any new ground, but Haste The Day knows what they’re doing and they do it well, creating some intensely melodic anthems with atmospheric tones that beg for repeated listens. If you want some feel-good music, this is where to turn. It’s no secret that the band are devout Christians, taking their name from the hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul.” This isn’t music strictly for Christians, however, as the lyrics and subject matter are uplifting and optimistic that can find its place among a universal audience.

This album sees an improvement in Haste The Day’s songwriting skills as well as a slight increase in technical ability. Attack of the Wolf King is definitely the best thing to come out of the band since vocalist Jimmy Ryan’s departure from the group. Fast melodic guitar lines and properly delivered cleanly sung choruses are seriously some of the catchiest metalcore I’ve enjoyed this year. The band has hit their stride and if they continue on this path, they’ll remain afloat once this sinking ship of a scene finally capsizes.

That being said, the album does have pitfalls. While the songwriting has improved, the band are guilty of using standard song structure from time to time with the verse-chorus-verse-chorus construction. While this isn’t technically a bad thing, it becomes predictable. Some may write this album off as standard metalcore procedure and I can’t really fault that sentiment. Regardless, Attack of the Wolf King is still pretty damn solid and will make Haste The Day fans very happy.

Haste The Day – Attack of the Wolf King gets


– JR


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