abrb insomniac

So the plot thickens. Last week, we reported on a post from As Blood Runs Black drummer Lech’s Instagram stating that they’re breaking up. A few days ago, the band addressed the rumors on Facebook, saying that they’d be issuing a statement shortly. Well, they just released a new song without any statement — maybe their statement is that they’re not breaking up? Who knows. They didn’t confirm or deny anything. But you can listen to the new song after the jump.

It’s called ‘Insomniac‘, and it’s from the crowd-funded upcoming album Ground Zero. The song sounds just like something that could have been on their previous release Instinct, which was more or less mediocre and uninspired (read my review here!). Not really disappointing, because expectations weren’t high to begin with, but at least it’s not awful and following the recent trend of bands changing their sound to be more djenty and chug heavy. It sounds like 2006 never stopped happening, for better or for worse. Your call.



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