The Contortionist Language

The Contortionist recently announced that their new album Language will be released on September 16th of this year. Speculations as to the style of the upcoming release are running rampant, including the vocal style and overall direction the band will choose. Will it echo back to the heavier beginnings of Exoplanet or continue the more progressively oriented trend of Intrinsic? In the midst of all of this, we have now been given a brief taste of the album, which you can view after the jump.


It’s a tame teaser, to say the least. Tame does not mean that it is not exciting, however. The visuals fit the sound perfectly, and to say that it doesn’t get me incredibly giddy would be a lie. The only people I could imagine who wouldn’t be excited about this are people who say the band fell off after Exoplanet. I am definitely not one of those people however. This soft, piano-driven song in the teaser makes me swoon, and I hope to feel the same way about the album when it releases. The Contortionist are definitely speaking my language.



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