The Contortionist Language

It’s been a while since we heard from stoner-priests Electric Wizard. Undoubtedly one of the heaviest and most smoke shrouded bands out there, they have been regularly pumping out titles that blow and bend the mind. In fact, this latest pause is the longest in their career, spanning four years. However, it seems as if our wait is now at an end, as the band have announced an album title and artwork for the upcoming release. Check it  out in full right here, along with some tour dates, courtesy of Metal Hammer.

The signature art style and aesthetics of Electric Wizard are a major part of the band’s essence. I first caught them at Hellfest in 2009 and seeing them play in a dark tent, filled with their symbology and fervent listeners/disciples, has since then been etched in my mind. All that’s left is to await the undulating notes that will accompany the artwork. They will undoubtedly be long, fuzzy and lit with a manic fire. More as we near release.



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