A while ago, in the midst of record setting pressings, exciting artists and huge box setsBlood Music promised it will be pressing Xanthochroid’Incultus. The EP in question is one of the masterpieces of ambient black metal, being an eclectic mix of black metal, avant-garde and innovation. Now, Blood Music have come through as they announced  more details on this release yesterday. True to their habits, Blood Music will be pressing this vinyl from the remastered version, offering a new and perhaps improved take on such an aurally complex creation.

Via Facebook:

Blood Music is proud to announce that it will be pressing the debut EP of the American “Cinematic Black Metal” band Xanthochroid on vinyl for the first time in history. The 40-minute opus “Incultus” displays an incredible maturity for a first-time release that shows supremely dexterous nods to late-era Emperor official and Enslaved.

We will be presenting the work on wax from the newly remastered version, to be released sometime in early 2015. We will also have CD copies for sale.

This is in addition to our collaboration on the band’s latest creation, their sophomore album “Of Erthe and Axen” – which will be a cooperative release between Blood Music and the band’s own label Erthe and Axen Records.

This is excellent news. Sure, record breaking box sets from hallmark bands are beautiful and amazing, but these sort of releases hold two advantages: they are more modest in price and support up and coming bands. The latter is doubly present here, since Blood Music will also be collaborating with Xanthochroid’s labels on their upcoming, sophomore release. All that is left for us now is to await the actual release and keep our ears open for news about the promised Cormorant pressing as well.


Update: Since the time of writing, Blood Music have also announced that they will be pressing Xanthochroid’s debut album, Blessed He With Boils! You can read all about it here. Rejoice!



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