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Hello readers, and welcome once again to our recurring segment Heavy Blog Loves Blood Music! Short recap: Cloudkicker. Perturbator. SERDCE. This time around, Blood Music are increasing their roster, adding two bands to their already impressive support of unique and quality music. This would be cause for celebration alone but the specific names joining the roster make us all here at Heavy Blog extra happy.

The first band joining Blood Music is the blackened, avant-garde genius,  Xanthochroid. We adored their album, singling them as important up and coming artists, with a long career ahead of them. Their association with Blood Music can only do them good. As if that wasn’t enough, the second ensemble to join the roster is none other than Cormorant. Their recent album, Earth Diver, is an important progression in their explosive history and this move will surely keep their momentum going.

So, there you have it folks. Things just got extreme over at Blood Music. Both bands are slated to see releases from the label in 2015 with more information promised soon. However, it’s easy to speculate that some beautiful vinyl are coming away, coupled with the staple Blood Music production. This has been another installment of Heavy Blog Loves Blood Music, stay tuned as more specifics are released!


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