Death Grips sure are something. Definitely a thing.

An extremely abrasive and out-there hip-hop group that appeals to huge swaths of music fans, even within metal, and even managed to land an opening spot on a tour featuring Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails? I probably never would have believed you. But they’re here and they’re making one hell of  a racket — once again releasing a new record, with no warning and completely for free through their website.

Niggas On The Moon is apparently the first half of a double album, entitled The Powers That B (sic), and features none other than Iceland’s greatest treasure (I think), Björk. It is available here, through their site, and for streaming below:


If you’re a fan of the group then it’s quite similar to the disconnected and seemingly fluid approach they took to Government Plates, but with each track featuring some airy and angelic, but still extremely cut up, vocals courtesy of Björk. It might not be the most ‘heavy’ thing you listen to all day, but it’ll be certainly be one of the most interesting.

It’s counterpart Jenny Death, will be released later in the year.

– DL

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